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Technical Matter

  • These pumps are DC pumps and special made where AC power is not available. One can run these pumps on car/truck battery or even on solar power.
  • DC motors are of 3000 rpm and are of PMDC type so efficiency is high and Maintenance is very less.
  • All pumps are fitted with mechanical seal and we offer pumps with various Material of construction.
  • Bigger pumps can be made as per customer’s requirements.
  • Pumps will be of self priming, centrifugal and gear type, piston type etc and can be used for any Type of liquids like diesel, petrol, oil, water, salt water, hot water etc.


  • Suitable for 4”bore or higher bore size.
  • Cast iron body and stainless steel / bronze impeller.
  • High efficient PMDC / BLDC motor.
  • Very economical compare to solar submersible pump.
  • Very easily repairable.
  • 100 % INDIAN .

An array of solar panels connected in series and parallel configuration generates the power and voltage required for the VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Controller to drive the motor. The DC to AC frequency converter in the solar drive converts the DC voltage input to the drive to variable 3-phase AC voltage and frequency.

The MPPT algorithm extracts maximum power available from the solar panels during the day and operates the motor at variable speed based on the power input to the drive. As the sunshine varies during the day, power input to the drive varies and the VFD drive generates variable V/F ratio thus controlling the speed of the motor, which in turn regulates the pump impeller speed.

For Pumps and Motor applications that require constant speed , the Solar controller has been designed to accept both the Solar DC input and also the AC input from the Grid. In a situation where in the power from the Solar Array is not completely sufficient to provide a stable power output to the motor, the controller monitors the same and the preferential logic built in the controller allows the solar energy on priority and the allows the balance power to be supplied by the Grid or DG. This hybrid system helps in reducing the power consumption from the grid during the day. A minimum of 70% Grid energy can be saved during the day.

During power cut situation, proportional power delivered from the Solar PV array allows the system to run at variable speed. Variable speed operation means there is no in-rush or surge of energy during the pump motor start-up, helping to eliminate wear on the motor and pumping system. One of the main causes of pump motor failure is the stress applied to motors during a full voltage start- up.

The Pump controller’s variable speed operation ramps up the speed smoothly, which eliminates starting stress. This should allow the pump motor to last longer. There is no starter box or motor starter to purchase, maintain or have fail. The start winding is controlled by the controller and the controller provides motor overload protection, Contact us for Solar dc pump supplier, Solar dc pump manufacturer / supplier / exporter.

• Can be used for any kind of Motor or Pump Loads ranging from 1 HP to 100 HP.
• Uses MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) to deliver energy at various Solar Energy Levels.
• System can be used for existing Pumps and Motors and hence no replacement of new loads.
• Accepts both Solar and Grid Input. Works completely on Solar during the day and on Grid during the night. Built in preferential Logic gives first priority to Solar Energy.
• Water pumped even in morning, evening and in cloudy weather at low speed flow for over 12 hours per day
• Long term, environment friendly , economic solution with proven technology based on variable speed drive.
• During rainy season or cloudy weather, the water pumping system can be powered by grid supply.

Following Protection are inbuilt in the VFD controller
• Lightning
• Panel Reverse Polarity
• Short Circuit
• Over Load , Over Voltag
• Multiple pumps can be connected to single controller
• DC Power Meter included

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